Great people are saying terrific things!  Read what leading innovation and ideation experts are saying about IGNITE.

IGNITE is a practical guide to finding and sustaining your company’s competitive advantage. Read it and win. It’s really that simple.
— Nir Eyal. Author of The Wall Street Journal best-selling book "Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products."
IGNITE does exactly what its title claims – this book will IGNITE leaders to implement innovation in their teams, creating a ripple effect throughout the entire company. David J. Neff and Randal Moss’s new book will break down exactly how to help your team commit 110% to innovation through real world examples, interviews, and case studies that won’t bore you to tears. IGNITE is a funny and practical guide to becoming an innovation powerhouse.
— Lisa Bodell. CEO of Future Think
Every organization talks about wanting to foster innovation, but few know how to do it. IGNITE is a straightforward guide for any size business on how to spark creativity and act upon it. It should be required reading in business schools.
— Robert Quigley. Director of the Journalism Innovation Endowment at the University of Texas.
I can’t think of a single company in any industry that can get away without innovating. IGNITE is an essential read for senior leader that is determined to take the bull by the horns to foster change from within.
— Adam Symson. SVP, Chief Digital Officer The E.W. Scripps Company.
Every industry is faced with unprecedented innovation coming from competitors big and small. IGNITE provides the perfect guide to help corporations build their internal innovation team to level the playing field. From a look at the diversity of personalities that should make up a team to the culture that leadership needs to foster it, this book is a must for anyone looking to drive innovation at their company.
— Dave Knox. CMO of Rockfish Interactive.
Over the last few years, the concept of innovation has become overused marketing-speak. IGNITE makes this word fresh again by clearly identifying the cultures, structures and processes that lead to breakthrough ideas and transformational products.
— Hugh Forrest. Director of South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Festival.