IGNITE : The Book
IGNITE : The Book
Setting your Organization's Culture on Fire with Innovation

IGNITE : The New Book on Innovation by David J. Neff and Randal C. Moss

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Innovation is a strategy - not a cupholder in a minivan.

Innovation is more science than it is art, no matter what people try to tell or sell you. In fact, right now someone in your company or organization has a breakthrough, dare we say disruptive, idea. Our new innovation field manual answers the most important question of your career, "How do I find, support, and monetize that idea?"

This book will prepare and inspire you to drive results by building and implementing an innovation framework. Look around and you'll see corporations and nonprofit organizations of all shapes and sizes attempt this concept with varying results. The business world is filled with idea storms, creativity challenges, hack-a-thons, springboard initiatives, and idea labs. These efforts all have the same goal: CREATE MORE VALUE!

Some of these efforts succeed. Most fail. This book will help you glean value and learnings from other's initiatives. The case studies and interviews will explain the how and the why behind some of the most admired innovation programs and a few of the scuttled failures. IGNITE brings innovation programs to life in a simple, understandable way. No corporate speak. No double talk. Just actionable advice, relatable examples, and compelling stories leavened with just a few ounces of humor.

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